Shipping & Returns

Our deadline for packaging and dispatch is 2 business days after confirmation of payment, so add 2 days to the deadline automatically displayed by the site.

We do not accept return of products with signs of use or breakdown.


Susi Pê Accessories values transparency in relationships with its consumers and wants you to have the best shopping experience!

With that in mind, we have established a clear and simple Return and Exchange Policy:

The customer may request the exchange of products within 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of delivery of your order.

Returned items will be reviewed in our store and, in case of any damage to the product due to manipulation or other inappropriate action by the customer, the exchange or refund will not be performed.


Our products have a 30-day running warranty for manufacturing problems.

However, remember that these products are delicate, handcrafted and should be used delicately.

Stones, pearls and crystals may have small variations in color and size compared to the photos presented.

Conservation tips:

* Store your accessory in a appropriate box.

* Perfumes, creams, oils and cosmetics can reduce the brilliance of your piece.

* Avoid direct contact with cleaning agents and chemicals.

* Do not bathe or soak in the sea or pool with the accessories.

* Avoid contact with sand.

* Do not try to shine on your accessory using sponges or soaking in soapy water.

* When wearing your necklace, avoid passing it over your head so you do not force the piece.

* Place your bracelets one by one, gently, sliding them onto your arm or wrist gently.

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Susi Pê will never disclose your registration information to any company because it recognizes your right to confidentiality and cares about your privacy.